Microsoft Security Essential 4.0 Released

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the event that your looking for a free Anti-Malware program to protect your computer or your a current user of Microsoft Security Essentials 2.x then you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft has updated the program to version 4.0 which sports bug fixes, improved performance and protection, for more check out Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0

How to determine if Your Mac Desktop is Infected by Flashback Trojan

trojan horse

trojan horse (Photo credit: Hugo M Pereira)

The Flashback Trojan has made waves in recent days because of the epic numbers of people that have been infected by this Trojan, worse yet its among a community of users that figured there is no need for malware software considering Mac OS has rarely been the target of Malicious code authors until now, and if your system is hit or you think you may have been infected then you need to start taking steps to reclaim your machine. The first step i would suggestion is to run Flashback Checker to see if your system is infected, then I would check out this article by F-Secure on how you can go about disinfecting your system HERE.

Taking another Look at your Antivirus Solution

A candidate icon for Portal:Computer security

A candidate icon for Portal:Computer security (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people think its probably enough to find out what A/V products have the best reviews, purchase or obtain a copy, install the program and your protected, but in reality this is far from the truth for so many reasons, the most important being your already insecure in a way by the virtue of you thinking that one A/V product is going to protect you completely, which it may appear to be, but for many reason it might not, perhaps the vendor isn’t aware of a threat, perhaps the vendor has allowed the virus to be installed on your system, for example law enforcement request that spy software that can be viewed as malicious code are allowed to be installed on a users system without their A/V client alerting them to a threat. You may want to re-think your A/V solution and while doing so check out this article that might give you a better understanding of how you can go about securing yourself HERE.

Android Ad Supported Apps May be Harmful, Exposes you to threats


android (Photo credit: osde8info)

A lot of the time, if a program is really popular there will be a Paid ad free version of the app, and a ad-supported version of the app. Now if your short on cash working with an Ad-Supported version of an app is the way to go, but it has come to the attention of the Android community, this might be a problem. For one these types of Ad-supported apps tend to drain more Battery life due to the need to download and display the ads, also these ads are not totally secure, meaning your not exactly sure if these ads could potential lead to the execution of malicious code on your Android device, for more on this topic, check out this article HERE.

Bootable Offline Version of Windows Defender

Windows Defender

Image via Wikipedia

Windows Defender is a pretty sound security product to use for your Anti-Malware needs, and you can use it to clean up PC’s that aren’t even Bootable by creating a Bootable CD of Windows Defender, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

Better Secure Windows XP by Disabling AutoRun

Windows XP

Image via Wikipedia

If you are not aware of this, leaving the AutoRun feature turned on in Windows is a big way to invite your computer to be infected by malware or other potentially harmful code, to better protect your copy of Windows XP you would be better served by disabling AutoRun, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

People who Get infected by Malware also probably been Mugged?

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this article that talks about the correlation between people that have been affected by Malware and those same people having a higher chance of being or have been mugged, sounds pretty creepy but check out this article that breaks it down further, HERE.

Mac Malware Starter Guide

Mac OS logo

Image via Wikipedia

You just got your Mac and you want to make sure it is secure, because if you didn’t know more Malware are now targeting MAC OS, so check out this guide that might give you some times on how to improve your security, HERE.

Android Security:Malware in Android Market Apps

Image representing Lookout as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

As I have said in a previous post, you need to secure smartphones like the android against Malware attacks and other forms of attack by installing some sort of software, in and android OS case, you have two free options, Lookout and AVG, which will protect you from fraudulent software, check out this article if you need more reason why to protect your device, HERE.

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