Asana is Free Project Management Software

Project Management main phases

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If your part of a small business that has decided to use Project Management techniques to become more productive as a business, then you’ll probably need some software to manage your business, and there is where Asana comes in to play offering its services free for up to 30 members project teams, for more check out Asana.

Create Motivation for yourself

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Sometimes you find it hard to finish a task because you have no reason to but to complete the task itself, but perhaps if you change the way you view the end of a project you might be better motivated to complete the project, check out this article that talks about ways you can do this for yourself, HERE.

A Little Uncertainly in a Project is Okay?

Monitoring and Control project activities

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This is totally against what I have been taught in Project Management but according to the linked article you can actually have more project success if you don’t get too specific with the tasks that are part of the project leaving some flexibly, check this article out for more information on this perspective, HERE.

Work on Projects not To-Do lists

Monitoring and Control project activities

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In project management we are taught that when we group like minded projects together into programs you can benefit more from streamlining your projects, well I think the same theory might hold true for To-Do lists that are part of a project of some sort, check out this article on how to deal with this issue, HERE.

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