Numi is a Calculator that Understands English for Mac OS

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Finding free programs that are useful for your Mac OS might be a big issue to you, and you might have found a gem in the program Numi which is a calculator program but it can understand english, which can be useful, for more check out Numi for the Mac OS.

Take a Break between Tasks for better Memory

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You might be taking a few classes in college this year and you always end up spending a few hours doing your work, but don’t always find that you remember it all when you study for math, science, English, and history, that’s because you should have a 20 minute break between subjects for better memory of the topic, check out this article that explains why this works, HERE.

How To Read Statistics

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So statistics are used everywhere, and they seem to always give these great pieces of information about things we otherwise probably wouldn’t be aware of such as trends, habits, and other data about life. The probably with statistics is that they are numbers, and if you know how to present numbers, you can make the numbers say something that perhaps isn’t that accurate. Check this article i found pretty interesting on how to interpret statistics.

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