The Positive Side of Quitting a Job

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If you have quit a position at an employer you might not truly be able to appreciated your accomplishment, because quitting is usually associated with bad feels or an overall sense of failure, but quitting does have its upsides, check out this article that points out the positive sides to quitting, HERE.

Why Be Happy?

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If you have the goal of being happy in life, what exactly is the driving force behind this thought? In fact what is happiness going to bring you in the end, if you feel this is something you have asked yourself as well, then you might want to check out this article that talks about why we may not want to make happiness one of our goals, HERE.

Coffee can Reduce Depression in Women

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If you ever wondered if there is a benefit to you as a woman drinking coffee, here comes one, according to a study woman that drink coffee tend to suffer less from depression, for more check out this article that discusses the issue further, HERE.

Improve your Life one Day at a Time with Daily Challenge


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If you like to take one step everyday towards improving yourself either physically or mentally then you might be interested in this this service that will push you to strive to challenge you in some way to improve yourself, check out the service Daily Challenge.

Relieve Anxiety with A Tune or Some Writing

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If you often feel Anxiety and you hate how you act when your under pressure then you might want to develop the habit of humming or writing when you feel this way to help pass the uncomfortable nature of Anxiety, for more on why and how this works, check out this article HERE.

Giving Money away can Relieve Stress

One and Other-Mental Health

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The feeling of giving and in this case giving of money to someone can bring a person a sense of gratification that can relieve stress the person is feeling from other situations in life, so maybe its okay to give up a little change in order to get a better experience in your day, check out this article that explains more on how this works HERE.

Sarcasm Trump Angry anyday


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Your always in the mood argue back when a certain person does something to you, but you probably would be better off if you just used a bit of Sarcasm with them, as this might actually lead to a better future relationship down the line, check out this article that talks about how this can work for you HERE.

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