Bring Order to your Mac Menubar with Bartender, Free While in Beta

The first version of the Aqua GUI, from Mac OS...

The first version of the Aqua GUI, from Mac OS X Public Beta. It differs vastly from the GUI of Mac OS 9 with glass elements and a Dock, among other things, although the Apple reverted to its traditional position on the left-hand side of the menu bar for the final release of OS X 10.0. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a lot going on in your Mac Desktop, then you might find your Menu bar overran by icons to programs that you really don’t need to be there, and if your looking for a simple solution to freeing up some space in you menu bar, then you might want to give the program Bartender for Mac OS a shot.

Tuck those Menu Bar Apps away on Your Mac OS Desktop using Broomstick


Aqua (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may have gotten to a point on your Mac OS Desktop where the Menu bar is overridden by a bunch of programs that your not really interested in having there and want a way to clean things up a bit, well you might want to grab a copy of Broomstick which will help you restore some of your Menu bar real estate, for more check out Broomstick for Mac OS.

Get Google Voice in your Mac’s Menubar using GrowlVoice

Image representing Google Voice as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

Perhaps you wish you could get a tighter Google Voice experience on your Mac Desktop and part of that would mean having Google Voice accessible VIA your Menubar, well you can get this exact type of experience on your Desktop if you install the program GrowlVoice for Mac OS.

Forismatic Reminds you to Take a Break From your Mac Desktop


Image via Wikipedia

If your looking for a program to remind you to take breaks, or just to remind you that time is passing by while you work behind your Mac OS Desktop, then you might want to check out the program Forismatic which is free and will give you a friendly reminder from your menu bar letting you know that perhaps its time for a little break, for more check out Forismatic.

Day-O is a Calander Replacement for Mac Menubar

The Aqua GUI in Mac OS X Leopard. Among the ch...

Image via Wikipedia

Original 1984 Macintosh desktop
Image via Wikipedia

If you don’t really care for the Calendar program that is part of your Mac’s MenuBar then you need to check out the program Day-O which is a great alternative, for more check out Day-O for Mac OS.

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