Get Notifications for your Second Inbox Messages in Facebook

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Recently people have started to hear about the second Hidden Facebook Inbox and how certain messages hit that inbox opposed to the Inbox most of us think about when your on Facebook, Well now you can check out this article that has some details on how you can get notifications for your second inbox messages, for more check out this article HERE.

Facebook’s Hidden Inbox

Facebook Notifications Management (Mark as Spam!)

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You would have figured the one inbox you have for messages had everything in regards to inbox messages all in this one place, but you would be wrong because you have a second inbox within your Facebook account that isn’t directly accessible, for more on this inbox and how to access it check out this article HERE.

Group Messaging Bug with iOS5

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You might want to hold off on using the Group Messaging feature of your iOS5 device until an update fixes an issue with the feature where everyone in the group gets the replies you send to individuals in the message which might not be an issue for some, but can be for others, for more on this bug check out this article HERE.

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