Get your iCloud Data playing Nice with Outlook using CodeTwo Sync for iCloud

Português: iCloud para iOS, Mac e Windows

Português: iCloud para iOS, Mac e Windows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your using the iCloud service for storing certain data, and you also use Outlook for whatever reason, you might want the two communicating and exchanging data with each other, and you might want to check out the handy program CodeTow Sync for iCloud out for Windows.

Hipmunk Update adds Calendar Integration For iOS/Android

Hipmunk's mascot

Hipmunk's mascot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you use the popular service Hipmunk for your Travel and Hotel needs then you’ll be very happy to note that they updated their app today for both the Android/iOS platforms to now integrate with Calendars like Google Calendar or MS Outlook, for more check out Hipmunk.

Create A Filter In Outlook for Emails your Waiting For a Reply From

Image representing Outlook as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Waiting for a reply from an email can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if you get a lot of emails, and you need to keep track of the replies you are to receive based on tasks or inquires you need to take care of, and to that end, you can create a Filter in Outlook to keep all those emails in one place, for more on how to do this check out this article HERE.

Add Screenshot’s to your Outlook 2010 Emails

Screenshot of Microsoft OneNote 2010 as seen i...

Image via Wikipedia

If your a Outlook 2010 user then you might be looking for an easy way to include screenshot’s into your emails, well then you should check out this post that has a way to do just that, HERE.

Keep Outlook Synced up between Multiple computers

Microsoft Office Outlook Screenshot

Image via Wikipedia

If you use Microsoft Outlook on more than one computer than you probably need to sync your outlooks on each computer so they have the same contacts and saved emails, etc, and you may be lacking a program that can achieve this for you well that’s why you should check out Outlook Sync.

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