Beware of Fake Debit Card Warning SMS/Text message Scam

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There have been a new wave of attacks where people get an Text or SMS messages stating that there debit account has been locked, you should totally disregard this message, also it will or might appear as a FW: message which is another sign that this is some type of scam, for more check out this article HERE.

Smozzy lets you Browse the Web VIA SMS for Android T-Mobile Devices

t-mobile sim card carrier

If your on T-Mobile and your data plan is very small or non-existant than you might be interested in the Android program Smozzy which will have you browsing the web VIA SMS or MMS, check out this amazing program Smozzy for Android T-Mobile devices.

Get your Daily Dose of News on your Mobile with News360

it's real :)

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If you have a mobile device and you take a commute to and from work everyday then you probably like to catch up on some news while taking your trip and what better way to get that news than to use this great program called News360 for your mobile device to get News customized for you, check out more HERE.

MapMyFitness a personal benchmark of Fitness

iPhone & Intel Mobile Device

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This is a pretty neat application that tracks your movements VIA your mobile device, and you input some more information here and there and you can actually track your fitness, sounds pretty cool, and simple, check out the application, HERE.

Open doors with Text Messages?

Texting on a keyboard phone

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This is a pretty cutting edge DIY project where you setup a door to be opened by text message, which in a lot of ways is pretty neat, can be useful when carrying goods or just don’t want to carry around keys, check out the details of the project HERE.

Harden Your Mobile Device

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Got a new smartphone, need to make it more secure, well check out this article that has some pretty basic techniques you can use to secure your mobile device, check the article out HERE.

Custom Weather Alerts

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Hopefully your get free SMS text messaging, now with that said, wouldn’t it be cool if your could get weather updates VIA SMS, well you can set this up, just have to know how and where, check out this site to do just that, HERE.

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