Send Photos From your Smartphone to your Browser with Bump for Android & iOS Devices

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If your in the market for an app that will easily allow you to share your media with other phones or even now your browser, you might want to consider the app Bump, which just updated to now allow for the transfer of photos from your Mobile device to your browser, for more check out Bump for Android & iOS.

How to Get out Verizon’s $30 Upgrade Fee

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Verizon: Paying Politicians to Rule the Air (g1a2d0047c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

It may not seem fair to you that Verizon will be charging you an Upgrade fee soon when you update your mobile device, which can be avoided with a little bit of thinking, for a possible method to avoiding this fee, check out this article HERE.

Chrome for Android is out for Ice Cream Sandwich Devices

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If you’ve been among those people waiting to see Chrome have a Android version, then the wait is over somewhat because Google Chrome for Android has been released in a Beta version, but it is only for Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich, which means less than 5% of Android users can make use of the program thus far, but I’m pretty sure that will change in the future, for more check out Chrome Beta for Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich.

Send Notes or Links from Google Chrome to your Phone with Text This to Me

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If you use Google Chrome and you find yourself wanting to send things like notes or links to your mobile device from Chrome then you might want to try out the extension Text This To Me which will do just what it says, it will text you the information you need, for more check out Text This To Me.

Get your Mobile News with News360 App

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If your always on the go and you sometimes need to know whats going on from your Mobile device then you might consider the program News360 for your Mobile News needs, for more check out News360.

Gmail’s Mobile App know allows for Multiple Account Logins

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If your a user of a Gmail Mobile App then you will be pleased to know that there has been an update released that will allow you to log into multiple accounts among other changes, check out the full list of new features, HERE.

Get your Daily Dose of News on your Mobile with News360

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If you have a mobile device and you take a commute to and from work everyday then you probably like to catch up on some news while taking your trip and what better way to get that news than to use this great program called News360 for your mobile device to get News customized for you, check out more HERE.

The Downside to Cheaper Android Phones

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Your all set to get a Android phone the next time you upgrade your mobile device but there is a problem called budget, which forces you to look at certain models which might be new but cheaper hardware, check out this article that talks about this situation and some alternatives to purchasing a cheaper android device, HERE.

Ask a Google Guru!

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So your in need of a Google search but your on a mobile device, or you used to use Google SMS and now want to find something like it well you’ve come to the right place, now its ask a Google Guru time, check out the service, HERE.

MapMyFitness a personal benchmark of Fitness

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This is a pretty neat application that tracks your movements VIA your mobile device, and you input some more information here and there and you can actually track your fitness, sounds pretty cool, and simple, check out the application, HERE.

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