How to apply a Screen Protector

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The other day I wasted the screen protector I bought for my HTC EVO because I did not take a look at a video like this which gives some useful tips for when you are applying a screen protector to your device, don’t make the mistake I did check this video out, HERE.

Faking a phone is okay sometimes?

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Believe it or not there are times where you need to fake a phone call in order to find the truth to a issue, verify something, check out this article that lays down the laws of when its okay to make a fake phone call, HERE.

Need to Dispose of Electronic Trash?

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Check out this cool roundup of places you can go to dump off that electronic trash you don’t need like an old computer, cell phone, or other devices, check the article out HERE.

Windows Phone 7 Applications


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The good folks over at Lifehacker has put together some of their top applications for the Windows Phone 7 Mobile platform, check out the list HERE.

Android Device Slowing Down? Speed It Up Again!


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Like all devices, well most, over time the internal workings of the OS that runs the hardware may become sluggish due to, history, logs, cached information and may other factors lead to your device working differently than the first few days when you got it, well here is a great guide to take your Android Device for a tune up and have her running like brand new, check out the article HERE.

DIY Cellphone Mount

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Got an old binder, have a need for a Cellphone mount/clip? You need to check out the linked article that shows step by step how you can now re-purpose that old binder to hold your new cellphone. Check the article out HERE.

Windows Mobile 7 Gets some Cool Points For Jailbreaking OK

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Got to love the fact that most companies will out right tell you do not jailbreak (unlock) your device and the discourage you in various ways not to. But to my surprise Microsoft is saying although they do not promote you jailbreaking Windows 7 Mobile phones, they do not discourage you either, thats an amazing position to take in the mobile market where even the most open minded mobile platform Android doesn’t promote “Rooting” their devices, check more about the topic, HERE.

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