YouSendIt Releases Updated Desktop & Mobile Apps


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YouSendIt has recently updated its Desktop and Mobile apps to include better security among other things, for more on what’s what with the new update to the service, check out this link HERE.

Get your Mobile News with News360 App

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If your always on the go and you sometimes need to know whats going on from your Mobile device then you might consider the program News360 for your Mobile News needs, for more check out News360.

Get your Local Radio Station with

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If your always trying to catch your local radio station when your away from home, but don’t have a properly solution to get that radio station, you should check out the service that can stream your local radio or international station to your local Mobile or Tablet device, for more check out the service

Minus File Sharing Service

RShare file sharing client

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If you need to share files and want a simple solution, then you might want to check out Minus, which you can use on your Desktop, Mobile and web so when it comes to file sharing, check out the product Minus.

Windows Phone 7 Applications


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The good folks over at Lifehacker has put together some of their top applications for the Windows Phone 7 Mobile platform, check out the list HERE.

Rooting your Android Device

Android Market

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So lately I have been having a little debate with myself, should I go with a Blackberry next march when I will upgrade my mobile device or should I go with an Android based phone. I like the blackberry for the stability, the operating system is also the most secure which is another major plus in my book because I do alot of different things with my mobile device, Also there are now more developed applications for the Android market than their are for the blackberry, so anyhow check this article out on how to Root your Android device so that you can, Unlock the device, or install non-market apps.


WebOS & Computer Oneness

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Check this article out similar to one i posted yesterday but this one is for achieving oneness now with your mobile WebOS device and your computer.

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