Share a Keyboard and Mouse with Multiple Computers with ShareMouse

My new keyboard and mouse

My new keyboard and mouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a few different machines you work on, and your not trying to have a zoo of mice and keyboards running a muck in your work space, then you might consider using the program ShareMouse which will allow you to share your keyboard and mouse with another machine, cutting down on the hardware you need to use your machines, for more check out ShareMouse for Windows/Mac OSes.

Avoid Your Mouse Cursor from Slipping to Next Screen on Dual Monitor Setup in Windows

A simple mouse cursor illustration

A simple mouse cursor illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you happen to be a bold individual and are using a Dual monitor display to interact with your Windows Desktop, on of the more annoying things you might have had to fight is when your looking to close a window, perhaps you mouse cursor drifts into the other screen causing you a bit of a headache trying to aim the cursor to the right spot, you can fix this issue by checking out this article with a tip regarding this HERE.

Share your Keyboard and Mouse over Multiple PCs

Compaq keyboard and mouse

Image via Wikipedia

Mouse without Borders is a program for windows that will allow you to share a keyboard and mouse with multiple computers at the same desk, which is useful if you have a few different machines and don’t want to have a keyboard / mouse for each machine, you can even drag and drop items from machine to machine, be sure to check out Mouse Without Borders.

DIY: No Kill Mouse Trap

Mouse stuck in glue trap by David Shankbone

Image via Wikipedia

You can’t stand living with a mouse in the house but you are righteous enough to know that killing the animal isn’t the right thing to do either, perhaps building a no kill trap to catch the mouse is the thing to do, and this article will help you build such a trap HERE.

Control Your PC’s Volume from your Mouse Wheel

Computer screen and speakers on West Brom 4eve...

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this pretty cool program that will allow you to control the volume of your PC’s speakers using your Mouse Wheel, seems pretty cool check out the programs homepage, HERE.

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