CanIStream.It will Find the movie stream for the Movie your looking For

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If you don’t always find the movies your looking for on your regular Movie Streaming Service then maybe its time to broaden your horizons and start to look at different movie streaming services when looking for that movie your dying to see, and to that end you might want to consult the service CanIStream.It which will find the movie streaming service that offers the movie your looking for, for more check out CanIStream.It.

Watch that 3D movie in 2D

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Perhaps your not into all the extra dimension of a 3D movie and prefer your old 2D experience, then you may want to check out this site about 2D glasses for 3D movies, HERE.

Great Netflix Queue Service for Movies in the Theaters

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You know that your not going to see a movie that is currently at the theaters but at some point you probably will be willing to catch it on Netflix, well check out this great web service that can add movies in the theater to your Netflix Queue HERE.

Movie Recommendation Services

The following sites are Online Tools you can use to get ideas on movies to check out:


Rotten Tomatoes



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