720p Video May benefit you more than 1080i for Watching & Recording Video

Photo of the first consumer 720p Webcam Micros...

Photo of the first consumer 720p Webcam Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Deutsch: Foto der ersten 720p Webcam Microsoft LifeCam Cinema (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may be confused as to what 720p and 1080i in terms of Video quality, and you probably assumed that because 1080i sounds bigger than 720p than you probably be better off using 1080i but you would be wrong for the moment, as you might benefit more from using the 720p, check out this video that explains why this is the case HERE.

Find Movies on Netflix’s Instant Stream Using A Better Queue Webapp

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Image via CrunchBase

When it comes to finding something to watch on Netflix‘s instant stream, you might become overwhelmed by the options and you rather just get something in a genre your looking to view, and to that end that’s where the service A Better Queue comes in, which will get the top rated movies in the Genre you desire, for more check out the A Better Queue Service.

Convert Audio & Video effortlessly using iConvert for Mac OS

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más...

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc's iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You usually can’t use a Audio or Video file on your iOS device unless it is already in the proper format, or you use some type of conversation program to get it into an iOS friendly format, and if this is an issue you run into often on your Mac OS Desktop then you might want to consider trying the program iConvert out which offers to convert those A/V files so that their ready for your iOS device, for more check out iConvert.

Look Up Movie Showtimes on your Android with Fandango

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When your on the go and your Android is your only ally while your mobile, then you might want to grab the app Fandango which will give you Movie Showtimes among other things, for more check out Fandango for Android.

Find Out What Movies are on your Hard Drive with Movie Explorer

Windows Explorer in Windows Vista

Image via Wikipedia

When you want to get the 411 on the movies on your Windows Hard drive you might want to check out the program Movie Explorer that will give you back more details than you can imagine about those movies laying around on your Hard Drive, for more check out Movie Explorer for Windows.

Find out What’s Coming out this week with What’s Outt

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Image via Wikipedia

If you hate to miss when a new CD or movie is being released, or if you just like to be up with the times regarding new media releases, then you might want to check out the service What’s Outt that offers all of this in one central place, with a decent interface, for more check out the service What’s Outt.

Blockbusters Movie Pass is a Netflix Alternative


Image by Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer via Flickr

If for whatever reason your are not a fan of the service Netflix then perhaps you might like the service now being offered first to dish customers and then a roll out the others for the new movie streaming service offered by blockbuster called Movie Pass.

Streaming Only Netflix Option

Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Would appear someone at Netflix got the memo that more and more people don’t even use DVD‘s or disc media to watch video, more and more you find people having other means of holding data, such as Hard drives or internal space within their players which allows them to save digital content, so just have an internet connect, a device capable of saving a few thousand GBs, and Netflix streaming will allow you to have one more reason not to leave the house, check out the official announcement HERE.

Skip the BS next time you watch a DVD on your MAC

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I hate having to watch stupid FBI warnings and then a bunch of trailers to things you probably have no interest in, in fact you wish the dammed movie would start, hell you didnt catch the movie in the theater because you wanted to look at things at your own pace, and now you cant even do that, well fear not my friends, well MAC users have a solution to this issue, check this link out.

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