Get More out of Thunderbird with the Personal Level Indicators Addon

English: Mozilla Thunderbird (SuSe Linux 9.3/K...

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It might be useful to know if an email sent to you was part of a group of people emailed or if it was a email sent to you alone, this might help you work your inbox better, and to that end you might want to check out this Thunderbird Addon Personal Level Indicator which will place an arrow letting you know if its a group email or email to you alone, for more check out Personal Level Indicator for Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client.

Mozilla Thunderbird 8.0 Released

Mozilla Thunderbird (SuSe Linux 9.3/KDE Keramik)

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If you aren’t aware there is a new version of the popular Outlook alternative Mozilla Thunderbird, Thunderbird graduates to version 8 which provides some modest changes, mainly to Add-on support, improved attachment functions and security, for more check out this link HERE.

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