Convert Audio & Video effortlessly using iConvert for Mac OS

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más...

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc's iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You usually can’t use a Audio or Video file on your iOS device unless it is already in the proper format, or you use some type of conversation program to get it into an iOS friendly format, and if this is an issue you run into often on your Mac OS Desktop then you might want to consider trying the program iConvert out which offers to convert those A/V files so that their ready for your iOS device, for more check out iConvert.

Create a Link to Download MP3’s from SoundCloud Service

SoundCloud Innovation: Time-based Comments / 2...

SoundCloud Innovation: Time-based Comments / 2009-12-29 / SML (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

Perhaps you use the service SoundCloud to listen to your tunes where ever you might go, but now your thinking wouldn’t it be cool if your could also download those MP3 files instead of just having them streamed from the service, well now you can achieve this using a Bookmarklet, for more on how this works check out this article with the details HERE.

Migrate from Spotify to GrooveShark with ToGrooveShark

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If you find that the free service Spotify offers as limiting and your looking for another free solution for you music streaming needs, then you might want to consider GrooveShark, and to make the migration easier, you might consider using the service ToGrooveShark to get you from one service to the next with ease, for more check out ToGrooveShark.

Find out What’s Coming out this week with What’s Outt

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If you hate to miss when a new CD or movie is being released, or if you just like to be up with the times regarding new media releases, then you might want to check out the service What’s Outt that offers all of this in one central place, with a decent interface, for more check out the service What’s Outt.

Make Mixtapes for your Friends with Everyone’s Mixtape


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In the early 90’s when Napster was still a semi new thing, people used to create a lot of custom CD‘s or better known as Mixtapes, where you just arrange a few of your favorite tracks from different sources, well know you can still do that with the webapp Everyone’s Mixtape.

Spotify Premium Service Offering 30-Day Free Trial

Spotify Logo

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Perhaps you have been wanting to try one of the online music streaming services out to see if it worth the extra few dollars, well you can get a free trial run with Spotify Premium for the amazing price of free for 30 days, for more check out Spotify Premium Service.

AllSongsBy finds all the Songs by X Artist

The artist and poet William Blake, who lived i...

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When your looking for all the songs made by a Artist, it sometimes isn’t that easy to find such a listing, even on an artist website they may or may not have a listing of their works but you can beat this problem with the service, AllSongsBy.

Google Music Out Of Beta, Ready For Prime Time Action

Google Fractal

Image by Junyu Wang | 王俊煜 via Flickr

Google Music has been out for awhile but it was just in the early stages until now, Google Music is officially out of Beta, and has ironed out a few issues while improving on the interface, among other things, for more check the Official  Google Music Blog Post.

Share your Playlist with your Friends on your Android Device with 8Tracks

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Image via CrunchBase

If you just have to share the music your listening to with friends on your Android device perhaps you’ll want to turn to the service 8Tracks which can do this for you with ease, for more check out the App 8Tracks for Android.

Hijacking your next door Neighbors Speakers

If you live next to some people that end up playing to worse music on the planet and you wish you could get on the turn tables and get some good tunes flowing, perhaps you can by Hijacking your Neighbors speakers, for the details check out this article HERE.

Neighbors Know My Name

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