Towerstream is Offering Free WiFi in Manhattan

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If your in New York City and happen to be strolling in Manhattan you could run into up to 1,000 free Wifi spots ran by the company Towerstream which will allow you to join their network provided you download an app of the day or see and ad for deals in the local area, the WiFi connection will be good for up to 4 hours, for more information on this great service, check out the companies site Towerstream.

Fake Happyness just makes things Worse

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So you know they say sometimes that you should appear happy even when your not, well maybe repressing your feelings isn’t the best way to get past a bad period in your life, instead of the fake smiles and pretend behavior positive thinking may lead you quicker to happyness than a pretend smile, check out this New York Times article on the topic HERE.

How parents cook for children?

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This is a pretty interesting article on how parents among another task find a way to cook for their children, check the New York Times piece HERE.

Rent versus Buying

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So your thinking should I be renting a place out or should I be working towards buying a place? This question can have so many factors that drive the ultimate outcome you might need some help, check out this article on some help on the issue with a pretty neat grid, HERE.

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