Add a FileTree Directory to NotePad++

Screenshot of Notepad++ running on Windows Vista.

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If you use NotePad++ and your doing tons of coding then it might be useful to have a way to view a directory within the Notepad++ program itself and thats where LightExplorer comes in as a useful Addon to Notepad++, for more check out Lightexplorer for Notepad++.

Getting the most out of Notepad++ with Plugins

Notepad++ is a free source code editor for Win...

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When I was going through some programming courses for my Btech I found that notepad was a horrible program to use to write code, but I found a program that was perfect at the task, Notepad++, and so I have been hooked ever since, check out this great list of Plugins for the program that makes a good thing even better, HERE.

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