Remove bad Smells from drawers with Newspaper

Reading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in P...

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After your done with that morning newspaper you have a few things you can do with it, but you wanted to get rid of the smell in your drawers and also get rid of the newspaper, well then check out this article that explains how you can use some newspaper to remove those smelly odors, HERE.

Fixing up that Old Carpet

Swatches of carpet of tufted construction

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The carpet is looking old and crusty, and you like to get it looking at least neutral if not clean, but your not into replacing your carpeting in the house, well check out this article that has a method of cleaning old carpets and getting into decent shape, HERE.

Kill odors with Vinegar

Picture of a shot of balsamic vinegar

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Your room has a really weird or foul smell and you need to get it together ASAP well then you might need to break out the Vinegar, confused? Well check out this article that details how you can use Vinegar to kill odors, HERE.

Remove Car Odors with this neat Tip

Smell and taste

Image by Julie70 via Flickr

So you got a smell in the car you just can’t stand anymore and need to remove it check out this great article that has a tip on how you can get that smell out, without breaking your wallet, HERE.

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