Facebook has File sharing feature to send files to Groups

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You probably have a lot of your friends on your Facebook page, and if you use groups to organize them all then you might find it easier to send files to them using the feature Facebook has recently added for its users to send files to other users, for more check out this blog post HERE.

Get your Local News from Twitter using Frrole Service in Certain Cities

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Twitter seems like the first place news breaks these days, with trending topics defining today’s buzz, while your twitter feed churns out various posts based on your followers, but if you want to harvest the information on twitter regarding News in your local area, you might want to try using the service Frrole, which will attempt to give you the local news in your area, that is if its one of the cities the service is currently covering, for more check out Frrole.

Writing An Email so you get a Reply


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Depending on how you write your Emails, will to some degree dictate if you get a responses, and how fast you’ll get a reply, but you may be wondering how do you construct your email so that you achieve this, well you might want to check out this article that gives some tips on how to do this HERE.

How to Not share what you Read on Facebook

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Although there are times perhaps you would like to share with your friends an article you have read because you think that others might benefit from it, there are times you read an article for personal reasons and don’t really care to share it with the world at large, yet if your logged into Facebook and click an icon everyone knows what you read, if your looking for a way to disable or get around this issue check out this article with some tips HERE.

Take Control of your Social Network Accounts with Bliss Control

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It can become very difficult to maintain various different profiles on different social networks, and it then can be a chore to do simple things like changing your password or uploading a new profile picture, but you can make managing those accounts a bit simpler by using the service Bliss Control.

Replace Androids Share menu with Andmade share

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When it comes to sharing content on your Android device using the share menu option, you probably find it useful sometimes, other times you wish it probably had more to it, and now you can get a more powerful version of the share menu using the Android app Andmade Share.

Let people know what your Listening to with This Is My Jam

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If you find the need to share the music your listening to with your friends on Facebook and Twitter then you might want to check out the service This Is My Jam.

OurSpot offers a Private Social Networking Experience

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If you wish you could have your own Social network for your loved ones or a select group of friends, well you can do just that with the Social networking service OurSpot that allows you to create a Social network for a small group of friends, or even for just 2 people, lets say a couple or team, for more check out the service OurSpot.

Delete Multiple Facebook Friends at once with FacebookDeletes Script

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If you want to clean out your Facebook Friends because of the new year, or for whatever reason, this can become a pretty intensive task, and can become even more difficult if you have more than a few hundred friends, and this is where you might want to enlist the help of FacebookDeletes script which can make the process a bit simpler, for more on how this works check out FacebookDeletes.

The Way People Tend To Deal with Email

email logoEmail has been around a solid 15 years now, and it has become part of our day to day life in terms of another medium that we are connected to others with, but you probably don’t understand the science behind how you deal with them, for more on how the average person deals with email, check out this article regarding the Science of Email.

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