OurSpot offers a Private Social Networking Experience

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If you wish you could have your own Social network for your loved ones or a select group of friends, well you can do just that with the Social networking service OurSpot that allows you to create a Social network for a small group of friends, or even for just 2 people, lets say a couple or team, for more check out the service OurSpot.

Delete Multiple Facebook Friends at once with FacebookDeletes Script

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If you want to clean out your Facebook Friends because of the new year, or for whatever reason, this can become a pretty intensive task, and can become even more difficult if you have more than a few hundred friends, and this is where you might want to enlist the help of FacebookDeletes script which can make the process a bit simpler, for more on how this works check out FacebookDeletes.

The Way People Tend To Deal with Email

email logoEmail has been around a solid 15 years now, and it has become part of our day to day life in terms of another medium that we are connected to others with, but you probably don’t understand the science behind how you deal with them, for more on how the average person deals with email, check out this article regarding the Science of Email.

New Twitter Page Design

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Using Twitter when it first came out, or even up until a few months ago could have been a very taxing task because it wasn’t designed to be uber user friendly, but more to provide content at a rapid pace, but Twitter has now gone under a redesign process that was focused on bringing an easier interface for people to use the service, for more check out this offical post HERE.

Social Folder Grabs your Social Network Data to Your Desktop

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When it comes to social networks and the data you put on them, you might feel that although you posted a picture or item, you also like to have a copy stored on your local computer, and this is where Social Folder comes handy because it can grab all of your Facebook pics, or Google Docs and store them in a location on your local drive, for more check out Social Folders.

The Potential Harm of Facebook to the Open Internet

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Although Facebook has some obvious benefits, mainly keeping friends and even communities together with its website, it has done some damage to the web and the way it is used, for more on why this is check out this article HERE.

Find Deals with Tweetalicious

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If your a avid user of Twitter then you might want to be using it to search for deals on goods you are dying to get, and to that end you can now use the service Tweetalicious that will do the searching through your tweets to find deals that most interest you based on the way you setup Tweetalicious, for more check out the service Tweetalicious.

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