Easy way to Edit Linux Boot Menu

Screenshot of GNU GRUB, ready to boot ubuntu 8...

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So your Linux boot menu is a bit messed up, has a few entries that don’t exist anymore, or doesn’t reflect the real nature of the line, well fix it up with this great tool call GRUB, check more information on the tool, HERE.

Switching from PC to Mac?

Screenshot of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, released ...

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So your moving on from a perfectly fine PC to a Mac cause your rich now and don’t mind to buy name brand computer stuff, need a guide to using that new MAC because your a windows person check this  article out, HERE.

File Indexing with Locale32

Browser and operating systems

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This is a pretty useful program if you need to Index your systems files, but not interested in using the OS‘es native tools for the task which sometimes can be more trouble that its worth to implement, so check out this program that can perform the same task and maybe at a lessor resource cost, check the programs homepage HERE.

Put OSx on a Thumbdrive?

USB flash drive

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So you probably know that you can install some operating systems on a USB stick, Linux has a few flavors meant just for a USB stick, in other cases you can port a desired OS into a USB stick for bootup, and now here is a great article on how to put OSx on a thumbdrive, I will post a article on my experience when I try this out soon hopefully, check the article out HERE.

Get New OSX Features before Official Releases

Userbox OSX Aqua

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So your a hard core OSX user and you want to be up on all the new features of the OS, what you can do is check out this article detailing how to install new OSX features in beta before their Official releases, check the article out HERE.

Divvy Desktop management software

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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So you are into having everything on your desktop exactly the way you want it well fear not people, check out this program that will help you get your windows in the right place on your desktop, check out the program Divvy.

Android Device Slowing Down? Speed It Up Again!


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Like all devices, well most, over time the internal workings of the OS that runs the hardware may become sluggish due to, history, logs, cached information and may other factors lead to your device working differently than the first few days when you got it, well here is a great guide to take your Android Device for a tune up and have her running like brand new, check out the article HERE.

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