Windows 8 Beta Build to Hit the wild Soon

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of ...

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From what has been released out of Microsoft blogs and other venues, we now know that there will be a release of a Windows 8 Consumer Beta at the end of this month, which will allow IT professionals and others to take a look at what Windows 8 will have to offer come probably the end of the summer, or at the very least by Christmas. Many of users are waiting to see how the Metro UI will work, and how it has been changed since the release of the Developers build of Windows 8 which got a fair amount of negative feedback based on the fact that the Metro UI was at the time better suited for a touch screen device as opposed to the traditional Keyboard/Mouse input combination which most PC users use today. Make sure to keep an eye out for the build if you to want to get a sneak peak at what Windows 8 has to offer.

Get Mac Like Widgets for Windows with XWidgets


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If you like the Widgets that come with the Mac OS and you figure your trying to get the same desktop feel on your Windows machine then you might want to give the program XWidgets for Windows a Try.

Ubuntu 11.10 Released

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If you are a fan of Ubuntu then you’ll be pleased to know that a update to the popular Linux OS has been released with minor updates rather than some major changes, for more check out the Ubuntu homepage.

Windows Startup Do’s and Don’t

Power h

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You are now a power user and have decided you want to take more control over your computer you start first with trying to tweak the machine to run faster, this might lead you to messing with what programs start up with windows, if so you might find this site very useful in your startup tweaking adventures, check the site HERE.

Hidden features in your Mac Applications?

Mac OS X Snow Leopard desktop

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So when you use a Mac, everything sometimes seems so simple, you dont really see that many options or settings, well check out this great article detailing how you can find the hidden options to your favorite Mac OS X Application, HERE.

Change Your OS’s Desktop To Another

Why Not Just Get OS X Already?!?!?!

Image by Chris Pirillo via Flickr

Some people out there like to have their desktop look a certain way, if your a windows user on a mac you may not care for the dock and the way icons are displayed, and the same holds true for mac users in the reverse situation, even linux users are in the mix attempting to change their desktops to conform to a more common windows look or Mac OS X look, check this article out for tools you can use to transform your desktop.

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