A Massage can relieve Lower Back Pains

The lumbar region in regards to the rest of th...

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You probably think this Lower back pain is way to severe feeling to benefit from a good old Massage but you would be wrong, don’t believe me check out this article that talks about results from a study that suggest that this is a valid method of relieving the pain, check the article out HERE.

Turn a Painful Experience into a Productive Goal

Partial view of the Paris 2009 pro-life march ...

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Everyone at some point in life has an experience or two that is extremely painful and usually we are happy to get past times like that, but perhaps we can learn something from them, even change our life to obtain new goals based on these types of experiences, check out this article that talks about this issue deeper HERE.

Relief Wrist Pains with Yoga

This is a photo I took of my wrist.

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So you type all day and it leaves your wrist feeling like crap at the end of the day, which is not a good thing because it is part of what you do, in fact it would be hard to move and do things without using your wrist. Check out these videos that will provide some Yoga techniques you can use to provide some relief to those wrist pains, HERE.

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