DIY Tablet Paint Brush

iPad con dock y teclado inalámbrico

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If you want to have a Paint Brush for your tablet but don’t want to shell out bunch of cash for something as simple as a brush, then you might want to check out this article that shows you how to make your own paint brush for your iPad or other tablet, HERE.

Painting Your Brick Fireplace

A den or family room in Camarillo, California,...

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If you are trying to give your house a little pep up before the holiday season comes around, part of that might include painting over the Fireplace this year, well if you don’t really have a clue how your should approach this task, then maybe you can check out this article for some tips, HERE.

Clean Dirty Paint Brushes with Vinegar

paint roller beside paint brush at paint reservoir

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If you have done some painting in the past and you want to reuse your old paint brush the paint from the last job will probably get in your way, remove that paint with some Vinegar, not sure how this all works, check out this article that explains the way this works, HERE.

Digital Painting Guide

Colouring pencils

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So you have always wanted to know how to paint on a computer, but never wanted to ask someone, or don’t know anyone that does know about painting on a computer, well not to fear, check out this great lifehacker article that gives a details overview of how you go about painting on your computer, check the article HERE.

Paint with Light?

Engraving of Confederate troops massacring Bla...

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Check out this cool article I came across that talks about techniques you can employ to write with light in photos, want to know more read the article HERE.

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