DOT issues new rules for Airline Passenger Treatment effective 8/30/11

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If your have been miss treated by an Airline then you will be pleased to know that the US DOT has decided to update the rules regarding how Airline Passengers treatment, and the consequences of airlines violating your rights as a Passenger aboard their plane, for more on what these new rules are, check out this post HERE.

Airline Passengers Getting Bumped Off Flights get Paid!

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I think this was way over due, but if you pay for a flight and when you get there the Airline carrier tells you that your seat has been taken or there is no space for you on a flight they should have to do a total refund same as if I booked a flight and didn’t show up to the seat, maybe my logic is too much for the people, but check out this article about the change in Airline policy in regards to people being bumped from flights, HERE.

Air Passenger Rights!

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So your about to board a plane headed for who knows where, but you wanted to know what your rights are while on the plane because your one of those people that pushes things to the limit, or perhaps you just want to know how you should be expected to behave and what not, well check out a new bill of passenger rights put out by USA DOT, HERE.

Travel Tips VIA Flight Attendants

Aterrizando en Sevilla // Landing at Seville

Who better to get air travel advance from than a flight attendant, if your interested into what their tips are check a few of them out here!

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