Securely Share your Password with Someone with LastPass

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In the event that you need to share a password with someone, and you can share it with them physically, then you might need to figure out some electronic way to do this, and to that end you might want to employ LastPass on your mission, for more check out this article that talks about how you can use LastPass to securely share you password HERE.

Dashlane can Manage your Passwords, Forms and Purchases in one Place


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When it comes to Managing passwords, forms and purchases, you probably wouldn’t think you could have one app that will take care of all of this for you, but you would be wrong, because your not using the service Dashlane which places all of these functions into one app, for more check out Dashlane.

Securely Store your Passwords and other Information with Dashlane

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When it comes to storing your passwords using a program or service, or storing information for web forms, you may or may not use a program to do this for you, and if your looking for a program to do these type of things for you, you might want to check out the program Dashlane for Mac or Windows.


Symantec Releases Beta of Norton Identity

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If you like the idea of a password management program that can store all of your passwords and generate passwords for you, while you just remember one master password, then you might want to check out the program Norton Identity that is in beta, which is a service that will store your passwords in the cloud, where you can access them with your password to the service, for more check out Symantec Norton Identity Beta.

Visual Hashing for Firefox & Chrome Help with Entering Your Password Correctly

Color Scheme 1.0If you get confused when typing in your passwords on websites because of the fact that the characters you type in are hidden after you type the next letter, you can use the addon Visual Hash to give you a visual cue as to weather your password is entered correctly, or if its wrong, it does this with a color scheme, for more checkout Visual Hashing for Mozilla Firefox or Visual Hashing for Google Chrome.

Pass on your Passwords to your Digital life after Death with PassMyWill

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If you think about it, after you pass on from this world, what happens to your profiles online, your email accounts and various other services you have used while you walked on this world, well to ensure that your loved ones or those you feel should take over in your place when your gone, have access to your online life, check out the service PassMyWill.

Create Secure Passwords with Wolfram Alpha

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If you have always wanted to have strong passwords that are hard to break, but not sure how to construct one that you will remember, then you might be interested in the service offered by Wolfram Alpha that will help you create a easy to remember strong password, check out the service Wolfram Alpha.

Wondering if your Password is Compromised, check this Site

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Check out this pretty neat service that will let you know if a service you use has been compromised, and at that point you can choose weather you should change your password, check out the services homepage HERE.

Common iPhone Lockscreen Passwords, Avoid Them

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Check out this study that found that there is a 1 in 7 chance if your use a common lockscreen password that someone that found your device could just guess the pin and gain access to your device, check out this article for ideas on making a secure pin for yourself, HERE.

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