Create Secure Passwords with Wolfram Alpha

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If you have always wanted to have strong passwords that are hard to break, but not sure how to construct one that you will remember, then you might be interested in the service offered by Wolfram Alpha that will help you create a easy to remember strong password, check out the service Wolfram Alpha.

Wondering if your Password is Compromised, check this Site

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Check out this pretty neat service that will let you know if a service you use has been compromised, and at that point you can choose weather you should change your password, check out the services homepage HERE.

Common iPhone Lockscreen Passwords, Avoid Them

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Check out this study that found that there is a 1 in 7 chance if your use a common lockscreen password that someone that found your device could just guess the pin and gain access to your device, check out this article for ideas on making a secure pin for yourself, HERE.

Test your Passwords Strengh

Stargate used hieroglyphs for passwords.

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You have taken the time to come up with some pretty neat passwords that nobody should be able to guess, but is that really true? Check out this article that might be able to strengthen your password or verify that it is strong, HERE.

Pass phrases Trump Random Character Passwords

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So your into using these strings of random characters that you couldn’t remember to save your life, but probably nobody will guess them, but perhaps using pass phrases are more secure and easier to remember, check out this article on the debate HERE.

Secure your Android Devices Data

Google Android

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So you store various information on your android device because it is easier for you but your afraid that if your phone gets lost someone will have access to your entire life, check out this great app for securely store data on your Android device, HERE.

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