Gauge your Standing in life by Writing your own Obituary

Morbid Obscenity

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This might sound a bit Morbid but writing your own Obituary can help you gauge where you are in life, gather up your accomplishments into a single body of writing where you can then improve on things your missing or review what you have done already, check out this article that has more on how this may help you out, HERE.

Don’t Know what your doing, Just do what an Expert would!

Dr. Randy Fagin, men's health expert

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Your about to do something for the first time and want to make sure you do things right, well maybe you just need to see what an expert would do in that case and follow suit, check out this article that has more on this perspective, HERE.

How to avoid feeling awkward around someone you just meet

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You just meet someone and your kind of lost as to what to say to the person because you don’t know them, worse yet is you say nothing, and you’ll probably end up leaving a very bad impression on them, check out this article with a tip on how to deal with new people, HERE.

How to jump from Rooftop to Rooftop (Safely)

Joensuu from rooftop.

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Before I go further please note, that this is something you shouldn’t try It is just information that might be useful at some point, but by no means should you just test this all out because of the article, but if you do want to know how to jump Safely from rooftop to rooftop check out this article HERE.

Fix Cracks in the floor and Walls with Crayons

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Perhaps you have a few issues in your house like a cracked floor or wall but have no time or money to call a contractor for such a small thing, well maybe all you really need to do is bust out that crayon and get to work. Check out this article that has details on how to do this type of fix HERE.

Work Hard = Getting Lucky Theory?!?

Portraits of the Yongzheng Emperor Enjoying Hi...

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Check out this pretty interesting take on working hard and how it leads to one becoming more lucky, or perhaps enjoying the fruits of his hard work you decide, but check out the article HERE.

Where can I go with X Minutes, Use Mapnificient to Find out


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Your at work and you want to find out where you can grab a bit to eat with 15 minutes, Well Mapnificient will help you by figuring out where you can go in 15 minutes from your current location, check the service out HERE.

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