Lock your Mac OS Keyboard down with KeyboardClean Tool

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When it comes to locking down your keyboard, you might want to know why you would even want to, well perhaps you want other people in the room not to gain access to your machine easily, or perhaps you want to clean off the keyboard without a ton of things happening, and to that end check out the program KeyboardClean Tool for Mac OS.

Clean your Keyboard without Shutting Down Your Machine

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If you ever had a situation where your using your Keyboard and you find it way to dirty for your tastes but then you have to shut the machine down before you can unplug and clean the keyboard properly, well then you will like the alternative of using a program to lock your keyboard and clean it and unlock it and continue to use your machine, for more on how this works check out this site, HERE.

The Printer Spec’s that Counts

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Your about to go out and purchase a new printer but you don’t really have a clue as to what features you need, what to avoid, and what is just non-sense, well maybe you should check out this useful article that will guide you towards the specs you should be concerned with, HERE.

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