Share a Keyboard and Mouse with Multiple Computers with ShareMouse

My new keyboard and mouse

My new keyboard and mouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a few different machines you work on, and your not trying to have a zoo of mice and keyboards running a muck in your work space, then you might consider using the program ShareMouse which will allow you to share your keyboard and mouse with another machine, cutting down on the hardware you need to use your machines, for more check out ShareMouse for Windows/Mac OSes.

Plugging in your USB Device the Right way

English: A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanD...

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English: Snapshot of a Front USB port

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As USB devices become more and more common, you might sometimes have a battle inserting these various devices into the USB slots on your PC, but if you are willing to check out this article, in theory you shouldn’t every have an issue regarding plugging in USB devices into a USB port again, for more check out this article HERE.

Bootable Offline Version of Windows Defender

Windows Defender

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Windows Defender is a pretty sound security product to use for your Anti-Malware needs, and you can use it to clean up PC’s that aren’t even Bootable by creating a Bootable CD of Windows Defender, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

Backify Offers 512GB of Free Space for your Backups

Is Backify (512GB backup for free) also for real?

Image by Peter Forret via Flickr

If your looking for an Online service to backup your computers data to, then you might want to strongly consider the service Backify which is offering 512GB just to sign up to the service, for more check out the Backify Homepage.

Understand your Blue screens of Death with Bluescreen Viewer

Blue Screen of Death [_BSoD_]

If you suffer from a lot of Blue screens of Death and you like to know exactly what the messages are and whats going on, then you might want to check out the program for windows called BlueScreenViewer.

Sync your Android device Wireless with Cheetah Sync

Android robot logo.

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If your not into syncing your device with a wire because of the advent of WiFi and other wireless standards then you’ll be interested in the program Cheetah Sync for your android device that can sync it up with a Mac or PC, check out the app Cheetah Sync.

Share your Keyboard and Mouse over Multiple PCs

Compaq keyboard and mouse

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Mouse without Borders is a program for windows that will allow you to share a keyboard and mouse with multiple computers at the same desk, which is useful if you have a few different machines and don’t want to have a keyboard / mouse for each machine, you can even drag and drop items from machine to machine, be sure to check out Mouse Without Borders.

Monitor & Control Your PC from your Mobile with PC Monitor

Monitor "My Computer" icon from &quo...

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Your interested in being able to take control of your PC on the move, or at the very least monitor certain things that you may have going on while your out of the house, then you will want to check out this great solution, called PC Monitor.

Futureproofing PC Myths

IBM Portable Personal Computer :: Retrocomputi...

Image by br1dotcom via Flickr

Some people believe it is possible to purchase a new PC with the idea that the technology on it will be good into the foreseeable future, which is a very brave idea at best, check out this video that highlights some of the myths of this concept of futureproofing HERE.

CPU clock speed and Performance

A typical RuBee radio tag, about 1 x 1 by 0.07...

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So you always here about CPU clock speed and that should reflect performance, but the truth is that really isn’t the case all the time, check out this article that attempts to explain why this is always mentioned and why it might not really matter when comparing machines, check the article out HERE.

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