Sliming Down your Wallet might help you Spend Less

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You probably thought in the past that having a good set of things including money in your wallet having it look fat is a good idea for whatever reason, but it may actually lead to you spending more, check out this article that talks about why Fat Wallets are not a good idea, HERE.

How to handle Unexpected Income

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If you get paid for your vacation time, or you received a check from the lottery or some other freak source of income, the natural feeling that comes to mind is that you have excess money its time to spend, but perhaps you could be better served by having some other thoughts, check out this article that has some ideas on how to avoid spending your surplus unwisely, HERE.

Another Way To Save Money

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Perhaps you have tried many different ways to save money but you always end up having issues at the end of the day, perhaps you need a new technique like, perhaps viewing your money as if it were time, sounds odd, but check out this article that explains how this could save you money, HERE.

Info-graph for Airline Credit Cards & Baggage Fees

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You may be ready to take a trip soon and your looking into ways to save money, well one way would be to make sure you don’t get over charged for baggage fees, another perhaps is getting an Airline Credit Card that actually will benefit you, check out this Infograph for a overview of all of this in one place, HERE.

Lifestyle Investment Fund, A Smart way to Invest

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Check out this style of investment that is based on your age, which sounds very interesting, the concept of investing differently as your reach different points in your life makes sense, when your younger you can invest more dangerously than when older when you have more to lose and less means of getting income, check out more about this style of investing, HERE.

Be aware of your Credit Card Perks


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You may not know that many Credit Cards offer perks that are stuck in the fine lines, but can come in handy from time to time, check out this article that talks more about hidden credit card perks, HERE.

Use Multiple Accounts to Manage your Money Better


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If you find yourself struggling to establish and maintain a Budget perhaps one way to achieve this goal is to setup different accounts with different purposes, check out this article that has some tips on how you can setup this type of system, HERE.

How to eat when your Broke

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Your going to be low on cash for awhile and you need to spend your money the best way possible when it comes to your food shopping, then you should give this article a glace at some ideas of what you need to shop for, HERE.

Golden Rule to Personal Finance

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Your trying to figure out this whole spending your money thing, budget thing well you are talking about managing your Personal Finances and when doing so you must always follow the rule of spending less than you make and invest the difference, check out this article that explains this rule further HERE.

Tips on Lowering your Monthly Bill


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Check out some tips from the good folks at Lifehacker that can help you Lower your Monthly bills by making some changes in your lifestyle, check the article out HERE.


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