Get Things Done by following the Done Manifesto

When you have things to do, it often gets backlogged till you really have to get them done, or deadlines rule you life, but maybe you need to take a different approach to getting things done and perhaps you might want to check out the Done Manifesto, which has some good ideas on how to get things done regardless of the task, for more check out the Done Manifesto.

Test Your New Years Resolution Now to See If You Can Do It

We All try to set some great goals for the New Years in the form of a Resolution, but in order to really see if you’ll make a change in your life, perhaps you should try your resolution a few weeks before the deadline arrives, that is if your serious about your resolution, for more on why this might work for you, check out this article HERE.

Keep Track of your Goals with

When your trying to keep track of your goals the good old board in your room with your goals set out in a graphic or tree perhaps is cool, but its the digital age and you should let technology help you out, and with that said you might want to check out the service which can help you keep track of your goals and where you are at with them currently, for more check out the

Need a To-Do List App for Android, Try out Any.Do

Android robot logo.

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If you find yourself better served by maintaining a To-Do list, then you might want to use your Android device for that purpose and a program you should give a try just because of its ease of use is Any.Do for Android.

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