Using the Stockdale Paradox in Life

Perhaps you are not aware what the Stockdale Paradox is but you should because it may be able to get your life in focus or at the very least help you deal with situation where things don’t look that great, for more on what the Stockdale Paradox is and how it can possibly work for you check out this article HERE.

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Why Be Happy?

A Little Happiness

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If you have the goal of being happy in life, what exactly is the driving force behind this thought? In fact what is happiness going to bring you in the end, if you feel this is something you have asked yourself as well, then you might want to check out this article that talks about why we may not want to make happiness one of our goals, HERE.

Can you Really Know someone?

The Question Is What Is the Question?

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This is a question that humans have probably asked since we started to live in groups, can you really know a person, can someone really understand you, maybe to certain degrees, but nobody might ever be able to understand you, and perhaps that is just the nature of life, check out this article that dives deeper into this question, HERE.

Fighting Assumptions can lead to self improvement

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A lot of the time we assume things to be true or have certain expectations about situations, people, events, that’s the nature of life, but sometimes its these same assumptions that leads to ones downfall when doing anything in life, so fighting against your natural assumptions might be useful, check out this article that talks more about this, HERE.

Arguments of the Internet, Why Bother!


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You probably at some point if your active on the web been involved in some type of argument about something, and you may find it a hard venue to get a victory in your argument check out this article that may explain why this is true, HERE.

You can’t get what you don’t Ask for


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Check out this article on a simple concept, you can’t expect to get something you did not ask for or request, which is very true, check this article out with more details on this philosophy HERE.

Contradicting yourself Isn’t that bad


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You might think that you should never Contradict yourself but dealing in absolutes is also a terrible way to live your life so, sometimes you may be wrong and have to back track, check out this article that suggests the same thing HERE.

Breaking Down “Lucky” people

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I don’t believe i luck myself, there is only chance, and the laws of nature which define events in my book, but to a degree you could say the way you move in life can produce misfortune or luckiness, if that makes any sense, well check out this article that analyzes Lucky People, HERE.

Improve your Bad Instincts

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So your live your life on instinct a majority of the time but as you gotten older you see the flaws in your instincts well this may your way to improve upon your life by focusing on the disadvantages of those instincts to make better decisions overall in life, check this article out with more information on how to implement this in your life, HERE.

Understand Procrastination, To defeat it

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I came across an article I thought would be useful for all of you that seem to not be able to do anything but sit at the screen and do pretty much nothing all day. Life is a gift, although we don’t often look at it that way until something dramatic occurs then we begin to value life for the moment. Well one way to milk this life time for all its worth is to be productive and in order to do that you need to eliminate procrastination from you life, check out this article to the understanding the issue first!

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