Breaking Down “Lucky” people

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I don’t believe i luck myself, there is only chance, and the laws of nature which define events in my book, but to a degree you could say the way you move in life can produce misfortune or luckiness, if that makes any sense, well check out this article that analyzes Lucky People, HERE.

Improve your Bad Instincts

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So your live your life on instinct a majority of the time but as you gotten older you see the flaws in your instincts well this may your way to improve upon your life by focusing on the disadvantages of those instincts to make better decisions overall in life, check this article out with more information on how to implement this in your life, HERE.

Understand Procrastination, To defeat it

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I came across an article I thought would be useful for all of you that seem to not be able to do anything but sit at the screen and do pretty much nothing all day. Life is a gift, although we don’t often look at it that way until something dramatic occurs then we begin to value life for the moment. Well one way to milk this life time for all its worth is to be productive and in order to do that you need to eliminate procrastination from you life, check out this article to the understanding the issue first!

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