Send Photos From your Smartphone to your Browser with Bump for Android & iOS Devices

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If your in the market for an app that will easily allow you to share your media with other phones or even now your browser, you might want to consider the app Bump, which just updated to now allow for the transfer of photos from your Mobile device to your browser, for more check out Bump for Android & iOS.

Instagram has finally arrived for your Android Device


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If your big on sharing your photos on various social networks, then a tool like Instagram is really useful to you, and although you might have used third party apps to gain access to the service in the past on your Android device, you can now get some Instagram love by grabbing the Android version of the app in the Play store, for more check out Instagram for Android.

Picasa Updates Desktop Clients with Better Google+ Integration


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The Photo Sharing service Picasa has updated its Windows and Mac Desktop clients to introduce the new Google+ Integration which is now part of the Picasa service, allowing you to share your photos a bit more easier with the Google+ service, for more check out Picasa.

10-4-11 Instagram Update Re-adds Filters and GeoTagging

Instagram 365: #62

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If you are a user of the iOS program Instagram then you’ll be happy to know they updated the program to re-add filters that went missing in action during the last update and added Geo-tagging of your Photos among other changes, for more check out the program Instagram.

Flickr for Andriod

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If your a fan of the Flickr Photo Sharing and storage service then you’ll be pleased to know that they released a Android app today from which you can access your account similar to the way you can currently from the iOS version of the app, for more check out Flickr for Android. Death, How To Survive

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I have come to learn the file sharing service is going to be shutting down free accounts on 12/15/10. So you might now want to consider alternative places to store those files in the cloud. Check out the listing below for possible fire sharing solutions for your own needs:

Google Docs


Live Mesh client









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