Dropbox Update Gives Free space for Uploading Pictures from SD Cards / Smartphones


DropBox (Photo credit: darkpollo)

The latest update to the popular cloud file storage service Dropbox, offers the ability to upload SD card or smartphone pictures to your account, and also gives you some free space for doing so, for more on what’s change with your Dropbox client, check out this official post HERE.

PhotoLive downloads your Facebooks Photos

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Image via CrunchBase

If your a users of Chrome and you need to get access to all your Facebook Pictures by album then you might be interested in trying out PhotoLive for Chrome.

Hang up Level Looking Pictures

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Image via Wikipedia

If you have ever hung up a picture in your house you know that this can be a little bit of a tricky task, especially if you are a perfectionist and desire that everything look level and clean so when people view your pictures they don’t have to look at an angle to see you, well then you should consider checking out this article that might be able to help you level up those pictures, HERE.

Photography Star Trails

Tokugen-in's garden

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this pretty useful article on how to take photo’s of Star Trails, which is a really cool idea, and makes for some fun with the kids at night, check out the in’s and out’s of the process HERE.

Repair Damage Photos

List of dog breeds

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You just were digging thru your old stuff and you happen to find some pictures but their condition is less than great, how can you improve them? Well you need to check out this article that has a technique for whipping old pictures into shape, check the article out HERE.

Photography Background DIY

DIY projektor by Trinom

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this DIY project for creating a cool background for your photo’s, If your into making unique images to post on your site or just for yourself and need a background this might be for you, check out the details on this project HERE.

Improve your Digital Photo’s

Bayer filter all

Image via Wikipedia

So your into taking tons of pictures because your a picture kind of person, well check out this article on how you can apply a simple filter to improve the quality of those photo’s HERE.

Managing Your Digital Photo Collection

Digital Photography Class

Image by Runs With Scissors via Flickr

Digital camera are all over now, and everyone is taking pictures like never before, but are you up-keeping your digital photo collection properly. You would hate if someone spilled juicy onto those photo’s so you dont place them next to hazards like eating areas/kitchen, likewise there are some basic guidelines you can follow to ensure your digital photos also withstand the test of time, check the article out HERE.

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