Create your own Pinhole Camera


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You have Camera’s all over the place, but can you make one yourself? Are you down to try this DIY project where you will create your own Pinhole Camera, well if you are bold enough check out this article here with the details on the process HERE.

Rating camera’s based on Sensor Size not Megapixels

Mecaflex SLR, circa 1953-1958 http://www.kilfi...

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Your are looking to purchase a new camera and not sure as to what camera to get should it be 10MPs or do you need 12MP or perhaps thats not even the feature you need to be focused on, check out this article that might make your choice a little bit easier HERE.

Learn to use a DSLR camera without one

Nikon D700 camera

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Check out this pretty cool simulator that will allow you to see how a DSLR Camera works before you dive into your pockets to get one, check out the application HERE.

Repair Damage Photos

List of dog breeds

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You just were digging thru your old stuff and you happen to find some pictures but their condition is less than great, how can you improve them? Well you need to check out this article that has a technique for whipping old pictures into shape, check the article out HERE.

Photography Background DIY

DIY projektor by Trinom

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Check out this DIY project for creating a cool background for your photo’s, If your into making unique images to post on your site or just for yourself and need a background this might be for you, check out the details on this project HERE.

Lifehacker Photography Hacks


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Check out this great article by the people at Lifehacker on 10 different photography hacks for you to try next time you break on the camera and feel creative, check the post out HERE.

DSLR camera transformed into a Professional Camera

Samsung GX-1S DSLR camera.

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So you spent the money to get that new DSLR camera and if you made this investment why not get the most out of your camera, check out this great Lifehacker article on how to supercharge that DSLR camera, HERE.

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