Get your Workout Reminders using Sworkit

English: Fitness trainer Billy Blanks shows a ...

English: Fitness trainer Billy Blanks shows a female workout participant, the proper workout technique during his workout session at the Charleston Club January 28th. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It might not always be on your mind during the day that you haven’t workout for 15 or 30 minutes, and so you might go a day or so without remembering that you have to do this, in order to help you remember you might want to employ the service Sworkit which will give you those reminders at random times of the day that you need to get your workout on, for more check out Sworkit service and Android/iOS apps.

Keep tabs on your Fitness plan with Fitocracy

I'm on fitocracy

I’m on fitocracy (Photo credit: billsoPHOTO)

When your trying to buff up your body, it usually would be helpful if you can track the exercise your performing, and to that end you might want to get some help from the web app Fitocracy that’s ready and able to keep track of your works outs, for more check out Fitocracy.

Track your Fitness Workouts with Fitocracy

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness (Photo credit: Justin Liew)

When it comes to fitness, everyone is doing it these days, but like anything else you might want to set a goal, and you might need to track your progress towards that goal, and to that end you might want to use the Service Fitocracy to do your Fitness tracking, and the service even has an iOS app to keep you tracking things on the go, for more check out the Fitness tracking service Fitocracy.

SuperTracker slaps What your eating and your Exercise into one Place

super tracker

Image by jonny2love via Flickr

It probably makes sense to plan out what your going to be eating, and then to plan on some sort of exercise to keep yourself in shape based on the diet you have, but now you can manage both with the service SuperTracker.

Turn your Daily Exercise Routine Into a Game with Fleetly

Fitness trainer Billy Blanks shows a female wo...

Image via Wikipedia

If your have a exercise routine or workout plan you do every day or every week then you might want to consider using Fleetly along side your workout to help you motivate yourself in other ways like making your workout into a game that you want to win, for more check out the service Fleetly.

Run on your Treadmill while Watching a Race on TV


Image by Bitman via Flickr

One way to improve your experience while on a treadmill is to watch a video of a race, which will give you a view of something different than your room, and it will also motivate you some what, for more on why this might work for you, check out this article HERE.

Exercise Convict Style for a Gymless Workout

Abu Ghraib 60

Image via Wikipedia

If your worried about staying fit, and having to purchase a membership to some crappy gym, then you need to consider exercising like a convict in prison does, because when you think about it, they are more fit than people that have access to gyms and personal trainers, might be odd but it may work for you, for more on how convicts work out, check out this article HERE.

Office Exercises to keep in Shake

Two office workers competing to eat as many sa...

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If your at the office all day sitting behind a desk working away, it might not be a bad idea to do a few exercises to get your body working physically as opposed to the mental tasks that consume your day, if your at a lost as to what type of exercises to do check out this useful info-graph with some exercises for office workers, HERE.

Get a Diet, Shopping and Exercise plan from OobaFit

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If you want to start a new diet and have no clue as to where to start, then you need a plan and Oobafit is here to help you out by assisting you in your planning process, Oobafit can also help you plan for Shopping and Exercising too so check out the service, Oobafit.

Why we Warm up before a Work Out

Chang-Hwa Bank Team make their warming up at 2...

Image via Wikipedia

Warming up before you exercises is a thing that most of us are trained to do but usually think that we are getting our bodies ready for a work out but that might not be what your really doing, check out this article that talks about why we warm up before exercise, HERE.

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