Getting your Garden Prepared for the Winter

Dying and dead plants

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If you don’t want to stop growing your Garden because the Winter is here then you’ll have to take steps to get it prepared for the colder weather, and to that end you might want to check out this article with some very helpful information HERE.

How to Sprout Seeds


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If you ever had an burning desire to know how plants come into being and how the process works, then you’ll probably want to know about how seeds sprout, and then you might even want to know how this is done, and for that you should check out this article HERE.

DIY Aeroponic / Hydroponic Garden Controller

An Aerogarden using hydroponics and aeroponics.

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If you have a spare Lamp timer around and some free time to mess with it to get yourself a control for your Aeroponics / Hydroponic needs then you need to check out this video that give the details to automating your garden, look at the video HERE.

Use used tea bags for Potting Plants

Leaf lamina. The leaf architecture probably ar...

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If your a Green thumb type of person and you have been looking for little tricks you can use to get your plants going, then you might want to take those used Tea Bags and place them at the bottom of your plants pot for some plant feed, for more on why and how this works, check out this article HERE.

Taking care of the Plants while on Vacation

roofclimbing plants inside a greenhouse at Kew...

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When your about to take a trip to a far away land for a few weeks two questions usually come into play, how do i take care of my pet if you have one while away, and how do i take care of my plants while I am away, well check out this article that has a really smart way to water your plants while your away, HERE.

Self Watering Pot

Watering can

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Your always forgetting to water your plants and really wish you could setup some system for watering your plants that’s somewhat automated, well check out this article for transforming a regular pot into a self watering pot HERE.


Turn a Coke Glass Bottle into a automated Plant Water

Jet-Fiat (Do it yourself )

This is a pretty cool DIY project for watering your plants, which involves Gravity, a Glass bottle of Coke (Or Pepsi if you drink that poison =) and some time, check out the details to the process HERE.

Companion Planting


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This is a technique where you plant plants that will compliment each other in some mutually benefiting way, sounds pretty good, check this article that has more details on this type of gardening HERE.

Getting the Right Plant for you

Tree ferns, probably Dicksonia antarctica, gro...

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Perhaps in the recent past you have tried to grow a plant or two and it just hasn’t worked out for whatever reasons, perhaps your buying the wrong plants? Check out this article that might be able to help you pick the right plant for your situation HERE.

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