Share your Playlist with your Friends on your Android Device with 8Tracks

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If you just have to share the music your listening to with friends on your Android device perhaps you’ll want to turn to the service 8Tracks which can do this for you with ease, for more check out the App 8Tracks for Android.

ShareMyPlaylist creates Spotify Playlists

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If your looking to quickly make a few playlist’s on the service Spotify then you might want to check out ShareMyPlaylist which will create playlist based on your favorite bands, check out more about the service ShareMyPlaylist.

Jog.FM creates your Ideal Workout Playlist

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So you need to get a workout playlist going so that you can be jamming to all the tunes that get your blood pumping while you get your workout on, but your not exactly sure how to compile this playlist, well fear not folks, check out Jog.FM for your workout playlist creation needs, HERE.

Your MP3 Playlist synced to your BPM

Check out this article on how you can design a playlist that BPM, workout fiends should jump on this ASAP as I’m almost certain that working out to music that is in sync with your internal clock most likely improve the productivity of that workout!

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