Making Decent Slide Presentations

Blacklight Slide Show

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Making a Slide presentation isn’t all that hard but to make a slide presentation that will wow everyone is a very different situation which isn’t that easy to accomplishment, for a easy guide on how to make a decent slide show check out this article HERE.

Postures to Avoid during a Presentation

Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and phil...

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During a Presentation it is very critical that your speaking skills are at their best, but you also have to make sure your physical cues to the audience is also correct and that might mean you need to avoid some postures that could really kill your presentations delivery, check out this article that talks about this topic in more detail, HERE.

How to make Diagrams for Slides

Cykl życiowy owsika ludzkiego

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Your going to be giving a presentation and you know that you’ll need a few diagrams to go along with your talk to further explain your points, and people always like a little bit of visual aids when doing a presentation, probably is your not to sure on how to create a decent Diagram, well check out this article that might change this, HERE.

2 Free Presentation Software Solutions

The following two products produces presentations on par with MS Powerpoint, might be worth a run if your trying to avoid the $120 purchase of PowerPoint.

Beamer (LaTeX)

Google Presentations

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