Get Things Done by following the Done Manifesto

When you have things to do, it often gets backlogged till you really have to get them done, or deadlines rule you life, but maybe you need to take a different approach to getting things done and perhaps you might want to check out the Done Manifesto, which has some good ideas on how to get things done regardless of the task, for more check out the Done Manifesto.

Keep Track of your Goals with

When your trying to keep track of your goals the good old board in your room with your goals set out in a graphic or tree perhaps is cool, but its the digital age and you should let technology help you out, and with that said you might want to check out the service which can help you keep track of your goals and where you are at with them currently, for more check out the

Starred for Mac makes a To-Do list From Gmail

static vs dynamic time management systems

If you use your Emails to create a To-Do list and your a native Mac user then you’ll benefit from the program Starred which will create a To-Do list for you based on your Gmail email‘s, for more check out the program Starred for Mac.

Get more out of your To-Do list with the 3+2 Rule

If you find To-Do list a great idea, its just that you don’t end up using them properly for whatever reason, perhaps you need to use the 3+2 rule to get yourself into shape and running through your To-Do list like a joke, for more check out this article on the 3+2 Rule HERE.


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Wunderlist is a Free To-Do App for Android


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If you have been in the market for a good To-Do list type app for your Android device then you might want to give the program Wunderlist a try for Android, which also has a desktop version, for more check out Wunderlist for Android.

Wunderlist is a To-Do app for Windows

To-do List

If your fond of To-Do list type apps and you want to give one a try for Windows then you might want to check out Wunderlist.

Get more out of every Second with Micro productivity


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If you feel that you can do more, then perhaps you can, and one way to do this is to stick more things into your day, with micro-productivity task that take advantage of those seconds of the day when your not really doing nothing, but you would like to be, for more check out this article HERE.

Tag-it Approach to Productivity

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If your looking for a new or different approach to making yourself more productive then you might want to check out the Tag-It approach which offers a bit more control over your tasks and how you approach them, for more on this technique check out this article, HERE.

Reviewing your Daily Work Diary for Self Improvement

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If you keep a Work Diary of what you have done at the workplace each day, you can use this diary to figure out how you spend your day at work, and then you can figure out ways to improve upon your daily work routine, for more on how this may work for you, check out this article HERE.

FolderBoy To-Do List


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If your a Fan of To-Do list and your looking for one that has a unique interface then you might be interested in FolderBoy which offers a Gmail like style labeling of task among other things check out FolderBoy.

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