Don’t Teach people to Treat you Badly

Fireman's Cross 2011

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There is an old saying that sometimes you need to be the bigger person when your faced with adversity but if you do this too often you might be setting yourself up to be taken advantage of, check out this article that talks about how this can become a problem, and how to fix it, HERE.

MoodPanda Keeps track of your Moods

For all those who are interested in the inner ...

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If your interested in keeping a diary of your moods as your life flows by, or you just into the idea of noting your behavior and attitude over time, then you might be interested in the service MoodPanda.

Get Creative by stop thinking

American historian of science Paul Forman, at ...

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If you need to get your creative juices flowing then maybe thinking and then taking a break might lead to you getting a burst of creativity, check out this article that suggest this could work for you, HERE.

Ignite your Creative Spark


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Within all of us there resides a Creative spark which in some is bursting out and with others remains hidden waiting your minds eye to awaken this part of your mind, check out this article that can get you tapping into your creative center, HERE.

Social behavioral Hacking

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan.

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So there parts of your social behavior that you like, but then there are some tendencies of yours that you rather change to reflect the way you like to see yourself coming off to others, well check this article on your quest to changing your behavior HERE.

Study by creating your own Tests

Reading a book

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Instead of re-reading a piece of text a 1,000 times you probably be better off making up some questions based on the topic and test yourself, ask your self questions in different ways, along side reading the material, I have used this and this does work well, because if you truly want to learn something remember the text is not the way, check this article with more detail on the topic HERE.

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