Hide cabling with Thin PVC

See main file for details (this is a low-res c...

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Your not a fan of how your wiring makes certain areas in your home look like a data closet for the CIA and your wondering if there is a way to stream line your cabling so everything looks profession, well then you might want to check out this article that has some pretty useful tips on how you can use some Thin PVC to achieve this, HERE.


Change That Stock White PVC cable color!

Two spools of gimp. Took pic myself

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Every device that has a PVC cable that plugs into a wall is either black or white, which depending on the person can be just annoying, because you like colors and you can’t stand to have anything looking stock in your house because you are unique, well check out this DIY project where you can change the color of White PVC cable to another color, check the article out HERE.

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