Kobo Pulse Reader apps Gets your Facebook Friends thoughts

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If your use a Reader program on your mobile device then you might want to check out the program Kobo Pulse Reader which will offer you the ability to share not only the book your reading with your Facebook friends but get there feedback on the book, down to the current page your reading, for more check out the Kobo Pulse Reader App.

DIY Book Weight


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If you have ever read a book more than 200 pages then you know there are times that a Book Weight would be very useful, because when your on pages like 103 or 340 your book is going in all types of directions as you read, check out this great DIY project for creating a cheap and useful, book weight HERE.

Find a Book by Asking Questions @ Mind The Book

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Perhaps your interested in reading a new book but don’t know exactly which title you want to get, well then all you really need to do is check out this pretty cool service that will allow you to find a new book by simply asking a question, check out this services homepage, Mind The Book.

Improving Social Skills VIA Reading Fiction?

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This might sound outlandish to some but perhaps reading more fiction taking yourself into far and away situations might actually improve the reality you live in and the way we socially interact with each other, check out this article for more detail on the topic, HERE.

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