Get your Recipes, Meals Planned and Shopping List in one place with ZipList


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When it comes to managing what we eat, and making sure you can prepare that meal, you might sometimes run into issues here and there, and if you want a way to streamline the entire process, you might want to take a look at the service/program Ziplist which will keep Recipes, your meal plans for the week or day, and a shopping list to make sure your prepared to cook whats on your list, for more check out Ziplist which also has a iOS/Android app.

Get Recipes on your Android Device with ChefTap

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If you like to look up recipes on the train or bus before you go home so you can make your grocery purchases on the way in, or just to have something new to eat every week, then you should check out the Android app ChefTap which can find recipes your looking for in a zip, also there are no ads in this program, its free, so make sure you check out ChefTap for Android.

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Keep Recipe stores your recipes you find Online

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If you often search the web or your favorite recipe site for recipes to meals your interested in, then you might wish you could keep a virtual book of sorts of the recipes you have found online, and here steps in Keep Recipes which is a online service and iOS mobile app that can do this for you, making keeping your recipes a bit easier, check out Keep Recipes.

Foodily Facebook App shares your Recipes and More

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If you are a user of Foodily then you will be glade to know that they have release a Facebook App that will allow you to share recipes you have searched for and other things so that your Facebook Friends keep up with what you have going on in the kitchen, for more on the App check out this link HERE.

Find Socially Trending Recipes with PunchFork

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If your into looking for the popular dishes that everyone is eating these days then all you need to do is jump on PunchFork and browse the site for recipes to meals that are trending on popular social networks, check out the services homepage, PunchFork.

Find popular Web Recipes with PunchFork


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Check out this really cool service that ranks recipes on the web to find out which ones are top dog in the Web Recipe world, check out more about this service at Punchfork.

Recipe Web Resource

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You can never have enjoy Recipes and here is another great site that will hopefully provide you with tons of Recipes for now and beyond, check out this great web service, HERE.

Foodily Search Engine For Recipes


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Ever need a recipe but don’t like to use traditional search engines like Google or Yahoo because those top results aren’t what your looking for, well check out this search engine designed for recipes, HERE.

Community Cookbook from Food52/NYT

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Came across this neat article about how these kind folks from NYT created an online community cookbook that has 1200 recipes, or something to that effect and like all online community this number probably stays static only for a day or two till another post, be sure to check this web resource out next time your wondering what you should grab to eat today!

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