Get Social with your Beer using Untappd

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If your a Beer kind of person and you need to know what is what in your local area when it comes to beers and what types are the best or better than the rest check out the mobile app for Android and iOS devices called Untappd.

DIY Book Weight


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If you have ever read a book more than 200 pages then you know there are times that a Book Weight would be very useful, because when your on pages like 103 or 340 your book is going in all types of directions as you read, check out this great DIY project for creating a cheap and useful, book weight HERE.

Do you Know what Marijuana Really Do?

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Many people claim to know what Marijuana is and how it affects people, in the long and short term, but most of the claims and sterotypes are dead wrong, including the governments classification of the substance, which many doctors now see as inaccurate information at best, check out this article that sheds some much needed light on Marijuana and what its really does to humans, HERE.

Health Month has you playing a Game while Keeping Healthy

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You probably like games and you love to stay healthy why not marry the two things off by playing a Online game called Health Month which can lead you to adopt certain lifestyle changes that can really help you out, while you also play a game against others, for more about the game check out the Health Month site.

How much Ice do you Need for your Cooler?

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You ever wonder how much Ice it would take to cover a 6 pack of Beer, or maybe a Cooler with various drinks in it, well maybe if we use some physics we can figure it out, check out this article that has a way to figure out how much ice you need, HERE.

Using Leftover Wine

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The party is over and there is some wine left in the bottle, you rather not waste it but you know your not going to use it tomorrow, what to do? Well check out this article that has a purpose for that wine, check it out HERE.




How to jump from Rooftop to Rooftop (Safely)

Joensuu from rooftop.

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Before I go further please note, that this is something you shouldn’t try It is just information that might be useful at some point, but by no means should you just test this all out because of the article, but if you do want to know how to jump Safely from rooftop to rooftop check out this article HERE.

Get Drunk not Fat

Drunk Star

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Check out this article that has the details on your drinks and how it may make you fat as well as drunk, and this article may also lead you to a way to get drunk without getting fat, which I suppose is a great thing, check out the article for more details HERE.

Get Better Ice Cubes with a Milk Carton

Ice cubes

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You need to get some Ice for a day at the park or BBQ and you hate how small ice cubes last a few hours then its all cold water from there, Check out this pretty cool article that shows how you can use a milk carton to get some really great long lasting ice cubes HERE.

Turn that stack of Old Magazines into a Chair

Unqualified DIY Painter

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You have a bunch of your old Magazines laying around the place and you figure there has to be something I can do with them instead of throwing them out, Well if your game, check out this DIY project for turning those old Magazines into a chair, HERE.

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