Have an Enemy turn to a Friend with a Favor?

Benjamin Franklin

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If you have had people that you disagree with or flat out dislike each other for whatever reason, one way to bridge the gap is to ask that person a favor, as odd as this might sound, that favor might be just what you need to find a common thread to build a potential friendship in the future, for more check out this article HERE.

Sarcasm Trump Angry anyday


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Your always in the mood argue back when a certain person does something to you, but you probably would be better off if you just used a bit of Sarcasm with them, as this might actually lead to a better future relationship down the line, check out this article that talks about how this can work for you HERE.

How to avoid feeling awkward around someone you just meet

Trevelyan's British History in the Nineteenth ...

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You just meet someone and your kind of lost as to what to say to the person because you don’t know them, worse yet is you say nothing, and you’ll probably end up leaving a very bad impression on them, check out this article with a tip on how to deal with new people, HERE.

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