Solar Powered Cooler for you Drinks in the Summer

Portable Ice Chest, detail of patent drawing.

Image via Wikipedia

Your always out and about in the summer time and when you take a cooler with you filled with things to drink it be best if you could somehow keep the cooler nice a cool through out your day, well maybe you can with this DIY project, for more details on how this Solar Powered Cooler works, check out this video HERE.

Add a Solar Power to your Smartphone

HTC kaiser smartphone2

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this really cool DIY project where you end up with a Solar panel on your Smartphone that can be used to charge your device in the sun, pretty cool concept, just need to know how to solder, for more details on the project check out this video HERE.

May The Wind Lead to Light?

The main research windmills at NREL

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this pretty cool product you can buy for your backyard that will provide light as long as there is a 4mph wind gust and better, which isn’t all that bad, might be a nice cool thing to put up in your backyard, check out the product homepage HERE.

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